Home Group Leadership Training (HGLT) : Introduction & Overview

Welcome to the Home Group Leadership Training (HGLT) series!

Since the very beginning of the Christian church followers of Jesus Christ  have been meeting together in small, home-based groups to encourage and challenge one another in their journey of faith. In the pages that follow you will find an introduction to the basic information and skills necessary to become an effective leader in one of these special gatherings. Hopefully, having worked through the eight other entries in this series, you will be more equipped and motivated to serve Jesus Christ either as a Home Group Leader or, just as importantly, as a well-informed, supportive member of a Home Group Programme.

Let’s begin by defining some terms:

What is a Home Group?

A Home Group is a regular gathering of six to twelve people who covenant to journey together in worship, discipleship, community and mission.

What is are the aims of a Home Group?

The aims of a Home Group are to:

  • meet and grow in relationship with one another;
  • explore and deepen our relationship with God;
  • discover and develop our spiritual gifting;
  • pray and serve together in the mission of God’s kingdom.

 What is a Home Group Leader?

A Home Group Leader is person who is gifted and called to the role, and who has been trained to be the facilitator of a Home Group community. His or her role is to model servant leadership to the group members and nurture them towards maturity in faith and service as a part of God’s Kingdom.

(For a fuller description see the example Home Group Leader Job Description that will (eventually) be found in the Home Group Resources category.)

Why are Home Groups are good idea?

Because God has called us to enjoy, support, encourage and challenge one another in our faith and Home Groups are one of the very best ways we have to respond to this call.

Overview of the Training Series

Session 1 examines the Biblical basis for Home Group ministry considering the discipleship strategy of Jesus and of the church throughout the centuries. Session 2 looks at how you can create an atmosphere in your Home Group that promotes maximum growth and involvement. Session 3 discusses the importance of, and areas involved in, drawing up a group covenant. Session 4 deals with key issues in becoming a good Home Group leader, whilst Session 5 gives practical advice on how to unleash the power of God’s Word through its study. Session 6 considers the role of prayer in the Home Group and how members can develop their confidence and ability in both personal and public prayer. Session 7 looks at the important area of conflict resolution, an integral part of any small group leadership role, and how you can improve your ability to deal with the  problems that will inevitably arise. Session 8 brings the series to a close by examining the life cycle of a typical group and the development of a typical group member, highlighting the changing role of the leader as time passes.

I hope you will enjoy the series. Click here to go to Session 1.

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