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HGLT 5: Home Group Bible Study

Christians have been meeting together in small groups to study the Bible for more than two millennia. As they have done so, countless numbers have found their faith awakened, their lives transformed and their relationship with God and one another wonderfully deepened. In this session, we examine how your Home Group members can discover the power of this wonderful resource for themselves.

HGLT 4: Key Issues in Leadership

Becoming an effective home group leader does not require you to be an exceptionally gifted person. You don’t need advanced level skills in group dynamics, a post-doctorate degree in theology, the wisdom of Solomon or the patience of Job – though a little of the latter two might definitely be an advantage! What you do […]

HGLT 3: Forming the Covenant

Despite the fact that the idea of covenant is a constant and vital element in the bible’s narrative, many of us journey quite some distance into our Christian lives before we ever realize it. It’s a real pity because there are few aspects to the Christian message that are more revolutionary and transformative for both our thinking and our praxis as followers of Jesus. The God who has revealed himself to us is a God of covenant and as those created in his image, we have been made to be people of covenant.

HGLT 2: Creating an Environment for Growth

We have seen that effective discipleship can best be achieved when believers meet together in small groups as well as in the larger context. However, it is important to realise that not just any type of small group will do.  People can meet for prayer and Bible study for years yet never grow to trust […]

HGLT 1: The Biblical Basis for Home Group Ministry

The biblical basis for Home Group ministry begins in the very nature and character of the God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It continues in the strategy of Jesus and in the life and witness of the early and contemporary church. When we read through the scriptures and the history of the church around the world we see that Christians meeting together in small group communities has been one of the key elements in the building of the church…

Home Group Leadership Training (HGLT) : Introduction & Overview

Welcome to the Home Group Leadership Training (HGLT) series! Since the very beginning of the Christian church followers of Jesus Christ  have been meeting together in small, home-based groups to encourage and challenge one another in their journey of faith. In the pages that follow you will find an introduction to the basic information and […]