Effective Leadership 1: Committed to Personal Health

Back in its 1996 report to the General Assembly, Stress in the Ministry, the Board of Evangelism and Christian Training of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland¬† revealed that as many as 1 in 4 serving as Ministers in the Presbyterian Church have been off work, or have considered leaving the ministry altogether, because of the […]

Developing Young Leaders – James Lawrence

James Lawrence is the Director of the Church Pastoral Aid Society development team and the Arrow leadership programme.¬† This audio is an interview with him that was first used at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit in 2011. It is a great discussion about how we can go about encouraging and developing young leaders in our […]

The Marks of Effective Leadership

In his book, Dying for Change, American author Leith Anderson recounts the story of the battle of Saratoga, west of the Hudson River, during the American War of Independence. It was a confrontation that many historians consider to have been the turning point of the Revolution. In purely numerical terms the American patriot troops faced […]

Trip to Peru with Compassion (Ireland)

In May 2011 a number of us involved in the Dublin Willow Creek Leadership Conference were invited to travel with Compassion International to see some of their work in Peru. It was a great experience and this is the little promo video they made whilst we were there. You can check out Compassion here.